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They took the wreckage to the coachbuilders Zagato with the instruction to rebuild the car. Using the Zagato formula of light weight and improved aerodynamics, the rebuilt car emerged in September 1956, to win its class at the Coppa Intereuropa GT race at Monza against stiff SV opposition. The Sprint Veloce Zagato (SVZ) had arrived! Although not an official Alfa Romeo model, several other competitors followed the same formula with Zagato-bodied SVs. Approximately eighteen SVZs were built and the advantage of 110 to 120kg less weight and special racing engines giving up to 118bhp made them the class of the field, often able to take on and beat, much more powerful opposition. During 1957, Alfa Romeo had been following a different design ideal based on the Giulietta as construed by Bertone.
Instead of the functional curves of the SVZ, Bertone followed some of the aerodynamically flowing design cues resulting from the BAT experimental cars.
SS Prototype The Sprint Speciale (SS) as the new model became known, featured a shorter wheelbase than the SV and SVZ but with extravagant overhangs. Right from the outset, even an all-alloy bodied prototype SS weighed 55kg more than the longer SVZ.
Even with a specially tuned variant of the engine giving 100bhp, this was not a good omen for competition success!

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